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Services We Offer

Ground Up Strategy

To make sure you get the most out of the online presence that is cultivated we create a thorough yet simple road map to extract the highest value possible from your investment.

What properties would benefit your organization How to service existing customers How to attract new customers How to integrate your web presence with your business Included with most services
Website Design

Knowing how your customers will find and use your website, we will create a great looking property that meets those needs. You don't just need a website, you need a website that compliments your brand, conveys your message and generates sales.

Responsive Design Mobile ready Optimized for search Easy to use control interface Integrated with your business
Analytics Integration

Expertly integrate Google Analytics & Search Console

Real Time Tracking Monthly Reporting Automatic Site Map Updates Track Search Engine Performance Identify Problems With Your Website
Local SEO

For most brick and mortar businesses we can dramatically increase their walk in business by optimizing for local search.

Populate first for your name in local search Update all contact and location information Improve the media quality that depicts your location Increase positive 5 Star Reviews from satisfied customers We Will Refund $200 If Customers Still Can't Find You After 6 Months
499.99$ Basic
Basic Website
  • Responsive Design
  • Optimized for Search
  • User Friendly Controls
  • 5 Static Pages
  • Includes Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Simple User Dashboard
699.99$ Enhanced
Enhanced Website
  • All Basic Website Features
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Analytics Integration
  • Includes Content Calender
  • Sitemap Setup
999.99$ E-commerce
E-Commerce Website
  • All Enhanced Website features
  • E-Commerce Suite Integration
  • 1 Sample Product Setup & Optimization
  • 1 Hour Training for Key Staff
  • 1 Professional Product Photo
  • Strategy / Content Calendar / Competitor Analysis
80$ per Article
Content Production
  • 800-1200 Words
  • High Quality Level
  • Optimized for Search
  • Includes Media
  • Contextual Backlinks
  • Superior Content
Easy User Interface

Once we set up your website we turn it over to you. You will have access to a dashboard that makes adding new content and editing existing content simple. We setup the editor so you can use a classic editor that's a lot like Microsoft Word or a more advanced WYSIWYG editor that is more powerful.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We can tell you what to expect before you purchase, and if we do not deliver on those promises we will refund half your purchase price at the end of a specified timeframe.

Analytics Integration

Our enhanced and E-Commerce websites come standard with analytics integrated into your website. You can see for yourself if our methods and strategy are delivering traffic and results.

Full Transparency

We share all of our tactics and techniques with the client. After your website is setup you can use our tricks to improve your other websites, teach others, create a webinar or whatever you want to do with your newfound skills na dknowledge.

The Different Website Packages


We will help you select the best website for your business needs. Every website is build on the WordPress platform which includes a dashboard that makes it very easy for you to add new posts, pages and media. You can also have additional features and work performed that will be billed at an hourly rate. At the time of agreement half of the total price is due as a deposit with the remainder due upon completion.

Basic Website

This website is for small businesses and organizations that simply need a web presence. Do customers have a hard time finding you online? Do you think a portfolio with photos would help close sales? Are you an expert in your field and want an outlet to show everyone¬† know what you’re talking about?

In 2020 having a professional basic website is a requirement, not an option. All of our websites are responsive and optimized for mobile.

Enhanced Website

This is the website package we recommend to most clients. An enhanced website includes backend SEO optimization software, automatic site map submission, search console setup and Google Local setup and optimization.

This package is for businesses that want to compete for walk in traffic that finds and compares options online. the extra cost is more than worth it for the results we can consistently deliver.

E commerce Website

The E commerce package is for a business that has inventory they  believe would sell well in a web store. We configure the store so payments will process to your account and set up one product so you or your employees can add everything that you think is a good fit.

We use Woo Commerce which is the most popular software for E Commerce. Woo Commerce includes many powerful reporting features and is supported by a robust community of developers so you know that future problems (like changing federal and state tax laws) will be addressed quickly.

We also optimize your products so you will start out with an advantage getting indexed in search. The sky is the limit with an E commerce website.

Our turnkey solutions are superior to other options like Shopify because they can be optimized so much more efficiently and you have more control. To be fair Shopify has improved over the last few years and a truly exceptional store will succeed no matter what platform you use, but using a privately hosted Woo Commerce solution is like beginning with a head start.