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How to Get $100 in Free Crytpo

Posted on May 17, 2020

by Adam Justice

category: Finance,

I believe right now is a great opportunity to expand your wealth by trading Cryptocurrencies. If you’re interested, you use my referral links below to get nearly $100 free in Cryptocurrencies when you invest $100 in one platform and $160 in another.



Use this link to sign up for a Crypto.com account. You’ll need to purchase and stake 1000 CRO coins (about $160) and we will both get $50 in additional CRO.

Staking is the process which the currency is validated. Since it’s a crucial need of the chain you can earn up to 18% APY by staking CRO.



Use this link to sign up for a Coinbase account. We will both receive $10 free Bitcoin after you buy or sell $100 or more coin on Coinbase.

After signing up for your Coinbase Account come back to this page and use these links to complete lessons about certain coins. You simply watch a few short videos and answer a question to get approximately $10 of each coin for free.


A few quick tips to help you navigate these platforms

Coinbase is much more open and user friendly. You can deposit funds with a checking account or debit card.

Crypto.com requires an ACH transfer which is a bank wire, but you can also send Crypto to the wallet in the app.

The best way I’ve found to use both platforms is to fund the Crypto.com app by sending a fast and cheap coin like LINK to my Crypto.com app wallet (not the Crypto.com wallet app which is different).

The Crypto.com app is awesome. If you stake 10,000 CRO they will refund your Netflix and Spotify payments, you get 16% interest APY paid in CRO coins and there are huge cashback rewards that are superior to any credit card rewards program. Crypto.com also has more coins available than Coinbase.

I like to split my investment between the two platforms and use a third app, a cold storage wallet, to store coins I plan on keeping for any extended period of time (except the CRO coins I have staked).





  • This is not intended to be financial or legal advice.