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What We Offer

Strategy / Development

We help you develop an outline, and build the properties that you will use to execute our plan. Every website comes with some level of strategy.

Hosting & Products

We offer the best available hosting solutions for your business needs. Everything from Company Email to Managed WordPress Hosting for your blog.

Web Development

Let us make a website that really helps you achieve your business goals. Your website is the only space you really own on the Internet. Let us make sure existing customers can find it & new customers find you instead of a competitor.

Guidance / Support

We won't leave you hanging. All of our services offer several redundant layers of support.

    Our specialty is developing web presence from the ground up for small to medium sized businesses that are just making a splash, and new business ventures needing a solution that their average tech savvy employees can navigate and build from. We offer everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

    About half of the clients I’ve worked with have an existing website, but were unhappy with their previous developer; I would usually find that their web presence had huge problems with optimization and security that required a complete overhaul and could potentially affect the business prospects of the property for years to come. I have had to learn a few lessons the hard way myself. By starting from the ground up we can avoid those issues and make sure that no matter what you decide to do, Thunderbolt Host did not cripple your business before it even got off the ground.

    Our staff has experience in almost every facet of developing and maintaining businesses online, but the skill we are marketing is the ability to learn new things and solve new problems. The Internet is in a constant state of change, and the next winner is the first business that adapts.

    Read a Message from Lead Developer and CEO Adam JusticeĀ